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Re: Reaping the Ebay harvest

Posted: 06/11/2014 - 22:53
by Commie_User
You take that back! There's a bit of the 90s as well....... And a little of Y2k-era. :)

I like living in the past now some truly outstanding stuff's out at boot sale prices. And also new things too, with £20 for inkjet printers, or Blu Ray players for £30 fresh.

I'm very sure VHS will enjoy a retro comeback kind-of like records have. There are still so many old tape crates in lofts across the nation, with plenty of machines on sale to play 'em with. Knockout models too, like one of the 6 head Sharps of around 1999. (I advise you buy some - this model I'm bidding on truly does tape in a little-off PAL broadcast quality: ... 1e9483274c ) ... w/$_57.JPG

It looks like this is just the time to be retro. Any younger and folks our age would have found it just impossible to get such a great spread later on. Current things are standardising all the time with the older, diverse stuff getting more collectable. Any older and I would already have owned all this, tired of it and binned it before I'd realise the appreciation.