Fake Movie Poster: DIY

Post your self-made artwork, here.
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Fake Movie Poster: DIY

Post by DHS »

As LMan wish...

i did this as part of a facebook game that was around some months ago.

The idea was:

1 - go to wikipedia, click "Random article". The first name wich comes out is the title of the movie.
2 - to add a tagline, go to "Random quotations"
(http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3 ). Last 4 or 5 words will be the tagline.
3 - go to flickr and click "explore the last seven days". Third image will be poster's main image.
4 - assemble with you gfx software.
5 Post it!
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Re: Fake Movie Poster: DIY

Post by Vosla »

Just to resurrect this...


Very quick one. Not very movie posterish...
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