Enforcer PAL Theme - Extended Remix Arrangment

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Enforcer PAL Theme - Extended Remix Arrangment

Post by Gabriel_West »

Hi guys! :)

This is a PAL Theme Soundtrack Remix Arrangement of a famous C64 H-Scrolling shooter game, named "Enforcer",
as extended version (4m 10sec in total) I've also created a video for youtube, which demonstrates the playback
inside my DAW. (Might be interesting for you composers & musicians, since it also views certain notes pattern
and sequences + workflow of the project) Here are the links ->

Music Video on Youtube:

Soundcloud Audio Link:
https://soundcloud.com/user-926227779/e ... rrangement

Any feedback is very much apreciated
(maybe using another bass instrument or melody lead could improve the soundtrack once a little,
curious about your suggestions, just keep them coming if you wish, independentally, if they are
critical or not / and yes, the lead pitch effect at the end of the chorus is still missing, shouldn't
be hard to manage it for version 2, though)

kindly regards GW from germany :wink:
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