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D/Generation HD: The Album

Posted: 07/11/2015 - 18:46
by Matt Smith
Hello there, everybody!

Since this seems like the sort of thing that folks around these parts might well be interested in, here's a link to the download page for Mark "TDK" Knight's latest album, which just so happens to be a collection of tunes composed specially for the newly-released high-definition remake of the corkingly fab arcade adventure D/Generation, which should be familiar to all Amiga fans who know an ace game when they see one. ... eration-hd

Persons more alert than myself may already be aware of D/Generation HD; I personally only learned of the game's existence after finding out about the music, but it looks really jolly nifty. Some ingenious moving screenshots can be viewed over on that YouTube they have now. ... s8mYA1hUKA

Anyway, the album. It's fantastically great, with a vastly atmospheric "90s Future" vibe (you know, that whole idea of the future we had back then which suggested we'd all be wandering around in our own custom-built virtual worlds by now) that's perfectly suited to the spooky-thrilling cyberpunky stylings of the game and is an absolute treat to listen to in its own right. I purchased my copy but a couple of hours ago and have just finished listening to it right through for the second time, and I can't recommend it highly enough. You even get a bunch of early work-in-progress mp3s thrown in, and the two original Amiga MODs that Mr Knight created for the game back in the day. Bargain!