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Putty Remixes

Posted: 11/11/2015 - 21:22
by Matt Smith
Well, here's a thing.

Early last year – following the much-belated release of Putty Squad for the Amiga in December 2013, and the same game's simultaneous release in souped-up HD form for an assortment of current-gen consoles – a Putty Squad soundtrack album was released for digital download over on BandCamp (and iTunes, I believe). It contains all the tracks from the HD version of the game, produced by Sound of Games; and as well as being wholly spiffing in its own right, there's a fact about this particular digi-album that may prove highly pleasing to folks who enjoy hearing nifty Amiga game tunes given a brand new lease of life by talented remixing persons. It's a fact I personally was unaware of until I happened to purchase a copy of said album this very evening, and the discovery of it has caused much cheery grinning.

The fact is this: Eight out of the 21 tracks are corkingly fab reworkings of the tunes from the Amiga version of Putty Squad. Plus! The very first track on the album - deceptively mundanely titled "Loading" - is actually a remix of the gloriously groovy opening theme from the first game, Putty.

Isn't that fab?

For anyone interested, here's a handy link to the relevant BandCamp page... ... soundtrack

And here, for the sake of clarity, is a list of the eight pieces based on the original Amiga Putty Squad soundtrack, accompanied (in brackets) by the names of the MOD files on which they're based.

Tomb of King Phut (Gothic)
The House of Fun (Fair2)
Major Smith's Escape Tunnel (Jungle)
Chambers of Scatterflash (Magical)
The Tower of London (New)
Bazaar Al Kebab (Orient)
Jumble Street (Snowxmas)
The Depths of Despair (Water)

I was jolly pleased, anyway. Just thought I'd pass on the info!