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8 Bit Retro-Mashup-Mega-Mix [10 year RETURN-Magazine anniversary event]

Posted: 28/09/2019 - 18:00
by Mitch van Hayden
Long time no posts from me here, but today I would like to share something that's really special to me. I just went home from the 10 year anniversary party of the german RETURN Magazine where I performed a live act containing some (retro) remixes I'd produced/reworked for this event. You can say it's a "Retro-Mashup-Megamix" XD, a vertical slice of music that inspired me, that I love or just enjoy to listen to.
You can find the complete mix at MixCloud: 8 Bit Retro-Mashup-Mega-Mix | 10 Jahre RETURN-Magazin Event

  • 00:00 Keith Miller - Cauldron (RETURN EVENT Remix)
  • 02:36 Faithless - Insomnia (8 Bit RETURN EVENT Remix)
  • 06:05 David Whittaker - Lazy Jones (8 Bit Kernkraft RETURN EVENT Remix)
  • 07:19 Matt Gray - Last Ninja II Central Park (8 Bit Kernkraft RETURN EVENT Remix)
  • 08:24 Energy 52 - Café del mar (8 Bit Power RETURN EVENT Remix)
  • 08:55 Marc (Chotaire) - Toytone Tribe (8 Bit Power RETURN EVENT Remix)
  • 09:40 Rob Hubbard - The Human Race: Subtune 4 (Pop goes Classics RETURN EVENT Special Edit)
  • 12:49 Seal - Crazy (Mitch van Hayden Remix - RETURN EVENT Special Edit)
  • 16:33 Rob Hubbard - Lightforce (Mitch van Hayden GRG-Intro Remix - 8 Bit RETURN EVENT Rework)
  • 20:12 Mitch van Hayden - Nerd Love [I'm your Computer] (RETURN EVENT Rework)
  • 24:05 Irgendwas mit Sauerstoff (something with oxygene) XD [Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygéne Part 2] (RETURN EVENT Trancy Remix)
  • 25:44 Chris Hülsbeck - Giana Sisters (RETURN EVENT Trancy Oxygéne Remix)
  • 27:14 Giorgio Moroder vs. Kraftwerk - The Chase vs. Das Model (RETURN EVENT Trancy Remix)
  • 29:26 Giorgio Moroder vs. David Whittaker - The Chase vs. Strom (RETURN EVENT Trancy Remix)
Hope u like it! Would be nice to get some feedback. ;)

BTW: The RETURN anniversary event was pretty awesome. Just like a small version of GamesCom's retro area.

Greetings from Germany...

Re: 8 Bit Retro-Mashup-Mega-Mix [10 year RETURN-Magazine anniversary event]

Posted: 29/09/2019 - 12:12
by Monty
Very well done, thx for sharing!
I especially like the Human Race version.
Btw. small typo found: it's "Storm" instead of "Strom", I guess that was unintentional... ;)