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BIT Live 2004 rocked - even over the airs

Posted: 11/09/2004 - 20:46
by LaLa
Well, it's really unfortunate that I couldn't go to BIT Live this year. Last year's mad weekend dash from Las Vegas to Brighton and back in just 3.5 days was a bit too tiring for me (and I was back at work the next day!), not to mention that this year my vacation time is going to be used up for something else.

Anyway, last year's event was awesome and it sounded like that this year's was even better. Unfortunately, I missed the first half of the broadcast (which I assume featured my fav C64 revival band, PPOT), but what I heard was very good by itself: Ben's hilarious emceeing, the amazing a-cappella pieces by Visa Röster... I think Stuck in D'80s was actually better last year. For some reason their 2004 performance sounded even more cacophonic to me than usual. :) But the mad fiddling was just as good if not better.

All in all, I wish I could be there... I hope everybody had a good time! I know I did just listening to it. :D

PS: I think it'd be bloody time to have a BIT Live here in Las Vegas. That would cut down my travel time from 12+ hours to just 15 minutes. Anybody interested? :P

Posted: 12/09/2004 - 0:17
by Chris Abbott
> I think it'd be bloody time to have a BIT Live here in Las Vegas.
Ooh, that would be a bit of a gamble.

I'll get my coat... ;-)

Posted: 12/09/2004 - 0:48
by Matrix

Posted: 12/09/2004 - 0:53
by Hydra
I think BIT Live 2004 rocked, everyone there had a blast, can't wait for the next one.

/me nudges chris

Posted: 12/09/2004 - 1:05
by Matrix
If im ever lucky enough to win the lottery, ill hire out the place where they hold The Proms, advertise for a whole year - set entry at a tenner a go and make it a 2 day event with every decent siud performer i can get my hands on :)

Other than that in seriously sorry i had to miss this last event, :cry: ... ill be buying the DVD next year....