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AROK #12 2010

Posted: 18/06/2010 - 12:13
by NecroPolo
Hey folks,

If you have any questions about the event, don't hesitate :)

I'm not promising that I'll be able to answer questions in the next minute but I'll be around.

I'm sure that most of you know more about remixing than I do but there is something that came to my mind that may ring your bells: SID composing. Some of fellow remixers are skilled SID creators as well, so old dawgz with SID experience please skip this :)

If you are new with SID and don't have your C64 at all (or anymore), never worry: there are many ways to create old-school music now'days:

Goat Tracker 2.7 - Multiplatform editor, with extreme flexibility for creating XXI. Century SID sounds.

Music Studio 2- Running under Windows, this nice old-school editor includes SID and C64 executable exporting options.

Vice 2.2 - The latest issue of the well-known C64 emulator is capable of running original C64 SID editors and much-much more.

If you are lurking here, you most probably bitten by the SID bug, so there is no reason for not trying'em out or re-fresh old memories :)



Re: AROK #12 2010

Posted: 18/06/2010 - 12:36
by C64GLeN
NecroPolo wrote:If you have any questions about the event, don't hesitate :)
Where is it?
When is it?
Where can I read more....?

Re: AROK #12 2010

Posted: 18/06/2010 - 13:33
by NecroPolo
Aww I've posted it in NEWS but as it seems this forum thread was quicker...

Okay, here is the link for the party:

AROK #12

It is an annual 8-bit meeting in Hungary in a rather nice place called Ajkarendek (just a click away from lake Balaton), the 12th in a row, this year from 16th to 18th of July. I hope the detailed news that I posted here will be out on Remix64 soon, but in a nutshell, besides traditional 8-bit competitions, there also will be a SID remix compo as well.

Them C64 guru folks created a C64 based MP3 player that is capable of playing 128KBPs non-VBR MP3 files without any problem so from now MP3 remixes can be considered to be native C64 productions, hence valid compo entries :)

The deadline is 15th of July, you can send your remixes / SID files / demos / GFX to Poison, the organiser of the party:

There also will be a live performance with my fellows in SIDrip Alliance at 17th. Don't suspect anything else but SID classics and some more :)

Re: AROK #12 2010

Posted: 18/06/2010 - 16:58
by C64GLeN
NecroPolo wrote:Aww I've posted it in NEWS but as it seems this forum thread was quicker...
:) ah, I see. I get my updates via the RSS feeds, and the forum RSS seems to be a couple of hours quicker.

Thanks for explaining. :worship:

Re: AROK #12 2010

Posted: 26/06/2010 - 23:08
by NecroPolo
Okay, I can see now, RSS feels fast like as if you heard your words before you even speak them :)

You're welcome, man!

Re: AROK #12 2010

Posted: 09/07/2010 - 14:58
by NecroPolo
Reminder: less than 1 week until deadline so put your feet down :wink:

Re: AROK #12 2010

Posted: 27/07/2010 - 15:56
by NecroPolo
End results, as follows:

1. Billig Oel - Drax vs. Vincenzo
2. Prolyx69 - Necropolo
3. ATF - Teo