Stolen/Reuploaded works

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Re: Stolen/Reuploaded works

Post by Zephyrean » 19/06/2019 - 14:03

As long as it's not an instance of someone claiming to be the creator of somebody else's work, I would consider this particular situation as an instance of free promotion. It's always a possibility that somebody who potentially like your music could come to discover it by that very YouTube video alone. This person also liked your music enough to give it a listen in the first place and even feature it in a gameplay recording, which I would personally find appreciative. Let's not undermine the fact that the uploader was also respectful enough to give credit. That way, if a listener were to stop by and actually catch interest in the music, they do have a clue about what to look for. Otherwise, I suppose viewers can always ask in the comment section if they care to know.

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