Amiga Megamix
Arranged by: Dimitris
Original by: - Unknown -
Release Date: 28/07/2004
All-Time Rank: 1262.
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Listeners' Rating
50% (12 votes)
3 cat shouts: Not amazing, I didn't fly with it     ::     2 selectanovel shouts: All I can say: Try reaching quality instead of quantity.     ::     3 pvanukoff shouts: ...     ::     2 seveneleven shouts: Sounds like a handytone!     ::     2 beldin shouts: This one made me feel sleepy... Very sleepy.     ::     5 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Nice idea. I like it.     ::     3 Stqn shouts: It’s ok but the sounds aren’t amazing.     ::     2 Grant shouts: Not offensive but generic sounding. Too long by far for music that's not meant to be background sound.