X-Out ( New Highscore RMX )
Arranged by: Awesome-A
Original by: Chris Hülsbeck
Release Date: 18/08/2004
All-Time Rank: 187.
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Listeners' Rating
84% (17 votes)
Very Good! 
5 Tas shouts: Very nice, not a million miles from a top mark     ::     6 itekei shouts: See what we've got here, great remix!     ::     5 KF shouts: Really great one....     ::     6 schlauchi shouts: One of the best tunes on the site!     ::     5 mooneyes1983 shouts: Like how the music blends together throughout the song.     ::     6 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Again A W E S O M E by Awesome A. Wonderfull done!!!     ::     5 Gulian shouts: I like the part from 3:55 to 5:00. Thank you