Battle Squadron (Hiscore Tune Mix)
Arranged by: WhiteFalcon
Original by: Ron Klaren
Release Date: 24/01/2007
All-Time Rank: 930.
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Listeners' Rating
63% (16 votes)
4 Makke shouts: It's alright, I guess. Does the job, but only just.     ::     3 firefox shouts: I can't agree with makke here :)... Just another general midi song for me with a hint of arpeggios, sorry!!!     ::     3 pvanukoff shouts: Yeah it's ok. Could use better post-production, sounds 'flat' to me.     ::     3 Ziphoid shouts: Very muddy mixing and some less interesting instrumentation in this one.     ::     4 XxDUSTYxX shouts: I like this old-school stuff, but this one would benefit from a final mastering.     ::     4 prowler shouts: Good stuff! Not much news here, but it all sounds nice!     ::     4 karl_xii shouts: A good base tune cannot fail. This sorrow one is one of my favourites!     ::     4 neglesaks shouts: Interesting reinterpretation of the original. Nice for chill-out moods...     ::     6 nodabble shouts: Downloaded numerous versions of this tune and this one is by far my favourite. Mellow yet powerful. Sticks in my head hours later!     ::     4 Duncan Demerodt shouts: It is good. Nice done.