Hero Quest - Piano
Arranged by: PTY
Original by: Barry Leitch
Release Date: 13/09/2007
All-Time Rank: 2.
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Listeners' Rating
98% (80 votes)
Sonic Wanderer shouts: Absolutely beatiful piano arrangement. I'm melting......=)     ::      Ziphoid shouts: VERY nicely done indeed.     ::      XxDUSTYxX shouts: A piano should exactly sound like THAT! I'll throw my lousy Keyboard outta the window... :) Thumbs up for this one!     ::      kjetiln shouts: As a pure piano arrangement the playing is too boring and uninspiering. You can have the piano like this, but than more instruments should be added. Add strings and choirs and this can be really really good.     ::      chilli_uk shouts: Aweome, delicate, moody and yet stunningly executed!     ::      DJNutzZ shouts: Wonderful!     ::      prowler shouts: Simply outstanding     ::      feark shouts: Finaly a Hero Quest tune! And an awsome one! Now we only need a nice remix tune for the Hero Quest intro music     ::      exo shouts: Pure acoustics. One of the best remixes in a long time. We need much much more of this in the scene. Human emotion and acoustics.     ::      sunmax shouts: Well done!! But Im afraid that 2 hands are not enough to play that ( I got to try someday )... Great job anyway!! More piano arragements of amiga games, plz!!     ::      jason_starck shouts: Wow!!! Very nice Piano.:-)     ::      _steve_ shouts: Amazing piano piece with tonnes of emotion     ::      Cryptine shouts: PTY     ::      oxygen shouts: Wow - what a wonderfull tune     ::      aero shouts: Such flow, such delicacy     ::      wavedancer shouts: Very beautiful track, but it reminds me in Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, so I must cry.     ::      RayF shouts: Awesome! Normally I like dance mixes more, but this is real nice! I was close to tears when hearing the original MOD, this version brought me even closer...     ::      raven_squad shouts: At first I have to thank you! As I have tried to mix this for ages and now I dont have to, because this is just near perfect!     ::      mario shouts: It is Excellent, it brings me so much memories... Thank you whoever you are, you have done an increadible work     ::      Nebdar shouts: Masterspiece     ::      jackal shouts: Excellent work.. Very nice expression     ::      JustPhreak shouts: Wow!!     ::      Nedcsyfm shouts: Goose bumps. That's when you know it's a great pieace of work. Real instruments or not. Good work!     ::      Skowron78 shouts: One of the best! Exhilarating!!!     ::      Duncan Demerodt shouts: OMG, how awesome. Wonderfull done!!!     ::      Aule shouts: Awesome!     ::      Ryrynz shouts: Beautiful.     ::      Ishma shouts: Best remix of ingame music, beautiful.....     ::      john4p shouts: 10/10.     ::      Starwer shouts: Amazingly touching piece! You passed the difficult exercice of the delicate piano tune on a synth. Could you please consider a similar rework of Agony?     ::      Miroku79 shouts: Wonderful tune!     ::      Christopherdd shouts: GREAT!     ::      Rapture shouts: Nice work, esp when made in a tracker like Renoise :)     ::      Malleustein shouts: This really is a wonderful recreation of a catchy theme I heard way too much as a teenage Amiga geek. Loved the game. Love the theme.     ::      Cadwaladr shouts: Fanbloodytastic, god I wish I could play piano     ::      Marcus shouts: A lot of emotions in this song. I love the sound of this piano.     ::      ChrisC. shouts: Excellent rendition a true homage to it's original!     ::      MoonshineFox shouts: For not being a pianist, you've done an excellent job making it feel alive. Very nice!