Hero Quest - Piano
Arranged by: PTY
Original by: Barry Leitch
Release Date: 14/09/2007
All-Time Rank: 5.
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Listeners' Rating
97% (88 votes)
Sonic Wanderer shouts: Absolutely beatiful piano arrangement. I'm melting......=)     ::      Ziphoid shouts: VERY nicely done indeed.     ::      XxDUSTYxX shouts: A piano should exactly sound like THAT! I'll throw my lousy Keyboard outta the window... :) Thumbs up for this one!     ::      chilli_uk shouts: Aweome, delicate, moody and yet stunningly executed!     ::      DJNutzZ shouts: Wonderful!     ::      prowler shouts: Simply outstanding     ::      feark shouts: Finaly a Hero Quest tune! And an awsome one! Now we only need a nice remix tune for the Hero Quest intro music     ::      exo shouts: Pure acoustics. One of the best remixes in a long time. We need much much more of this in the scene. Human emotion and acoustics.     ::      sunmax shouts: Well done!! But Im afraid that 2 hands are not enough to play that ( I got to try someday )... Great job anyway!! More piano arragements of amiga games, plz!!     ::      jason_starck shouts: Wow!!! Very nice Piano.:-)     ::      _steve_ shouts: Amazing piano piece with tonnes of emotion     ::      Cryptine shouts: PTY     ::      oxygen shouts: Wow - what a wonderfull tune     ::      aero shouts: Such flow, such delicacy     ::      wavedancer shouts: Very beautiful track, but it reminds me in Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, so I must cry.     ::      RayF shouts: Awesome! Normally I like dance mixes more, but this is real nice! I was close to tears when hearing the original MOD, this version brought me even closer...     ::      raven_squad shouts: At first I have to thank you! As I have tried to mix this for ages and now I dont have to, because this is just near perfect!     ::      mario shouts: It is Excellent, it brings me so much memories... Thank you whoever you are, you have done an increadible work     ::      Nebdar shouts: Masterspiece     ::      jackal shouts: Excellent work.. Very nice expression     ::      JustPhreak shouts: Wow!!     ::      Nedcsyfm shouts: Goose bumps. That's when you know it's a great pieace of work. Real instruments or not. Good work!     ::      Skowron78 shouts: One of the best! Exhilarating!!!     ::      Duncan Demerodt shouts: OMG, how awesome. Wonderfull done!!!     ::      Aule shouts: Awesome!     ::      Ryrynz shouts: Beautiful.     ::      Ishma shouts: Best remix of ingame music, beautiful.....     ::      john4p shouts: 10/10.     ::      Starwer shouts: Amazingly touching piece! You passed the difficult exercice of the delicate piano tune on a synth. Could you please consider a similar rework of Agony?     ::      Miroku79 shouts: Wonderful tune!     ::      Rapture shouts: Nice work, esp when made in a tracker like Renoise :)     ::      Malleustein shouts: This really is a wonderful recreation of a catchy theme I heard way too much as a teenage Amiga geek. Loved the game. Love the theme.     ::      Cadwaladr shouts: Fanbloodytastic, god I wish I could play piano     ::      Marcus shouts: A lot of emotions in this song. I love the sound of this piano.     ::      ChrisC. shouts: Excellent rendition a true homage to it's original!     ::      MoonshineFox shouts: For not being a pianist, you've done an excellent job making it feel alive. Very nice!     ::      karter shouts: WOW