UnitA cracktro #5
Arranged by: EviL
Original by: Dietmar Bos (Diz)
Release Date: 14/09/2007
All-Time Rank: 1309.
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Listeners' Rating
41% (22 votes)
Sonic Wanderer shouts: Very, very dull and flat     ::      Ziphoid shouts: The original track itself was quite dull and boring, and this kinda keeps the tradition. Not all bad, though, but more imagination could be used.     ::      XxDUSTYxX shouts: I really like the original, but this one can't convince me.     ::      MORBID shouts: Poor remix!     ::      AmiStyler79 shouts: Booooring     ::      gamleerik shouts: It doesn't really offer anything over the original track. Probably a tough to do remix, but this doesn't do it for me.     ::      DJNutzZ shouts: Way too flat     ::      prowler shouts: You need to use better instruments, add some new ideas or concept to the tune!     ::      jason_starck shouts: Nice parts in it self.     ::      Duncan Demerodt shouts: Sry, that doesn`t work for me. Nice try, but could be really better.:-)