UNIT A - Interceptor-Cracktro[2007]
Arranged by: XxDUSTYxX
Original by: Dietmar Bos (Diz)
Release Date: 14/09/2007
All-Time Rank: 1108.
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Listeners' Rating
58% (27 votes)
1 Sonic Wanderer shouts: A terrible use of soundwaves. Do over, do right!     ::     2 Ziphoid shouts: Very general midi:ish sounds and a bit muddy mixing combined with a quite dull arrangement.     ::     2 Dr Future shouts: What's this in 2007? Please use some samples instead of that horrible Casio sounds next time. PLEASE!     ::     2 gamleerik shouts: I'm sure you tried as best you could, but it just doesn't cut it.     ::     4 daXX shouts: It's okish :) could be done bit better because it lags in some ways with the drums.. And the piano sounds loveless... Try to work a bit more with velocity (volume, touch) in pianos.. It sound a bit to "digital" :) rest sounds okish.     ::     2 prowler shouts: The instruments!     ::     2 8bit-army shouts: Sound 2 much like an x86 midi track. Doesn't really fit to an amiga mix     ::     5 jason_starck shouts: Some one like it, some one not. It is very hard too find the line between Amiga Remix and Cover. So, I think very intresting.     ::     5 Duncan Demerodt shouts: As a fan of the original, I like this one. Well done!^^