A.M.C. part 1 (orchestral remix)
Arranged by: infernal season
Original by: Jose A. Martín
Release Date: 04/06/2008
All-Time Rank: 485.
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Listeners' Rating
76% (11 votes)
Very Good! 
5 Dr Future shouts: TBH, I don't know the original. But what is there, sounds right. It's no Glyn R. Brown, but it's well orchestrated. Could have been a bit louder.     ::     5 Amok shouts: I completely agree with Dr Future...     ::     4 _steve_ shouts: Seems to get a little disjointed around 3:30-3:50. A little minimalistic at times, but it is far too quiet.     ::     6 Tankscore shouts: No puedo creer que tu seas Jos     ::     5 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Agree with Dr. Future, too.:-)     ::     6 Eclectic shouts: I love this song and the orchestral arrangements. Thanks for sharing!