Turrican 2 - Great Bath (frozen water)
Arranged by: X-Poole
Original by: Chris Hülsbeck
Release Date: 04/06/2008
All-Time Rank: 395.
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Listeners' Rating
78% (19 votes)
Very Good! 
4 Dr Future shouts: It's a fine recreation of another Hülsbeck classic. Nothing to complain, but it lacks some fresh ideas.     ::     5 Amok shouts: Not far from the original but thats the way I like it... ;) The instruments just fit. Faithful and very good...     ::     4 prowler shouts: It lacks some inspiration or twist or something     ::     6 knotti shouts: Nice style and technic     ::     4 _steve_ shouts: A nice enough remake, but very minimalistic. Feels like it needs something to lift it.     ::     4 francis.debord shouts: I think best "Great Bath" Remix, better as Original!     ::     6 bahamut_ger shouts: Super Track. Besser als die meisten anderen Remixes. TOP!!     ::     6 Esion shouts: My favourite "Great Bath" version!     ::     5 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Nice Version. Well done.:-)     ::     5 Grant shouts: Simple and nice.