Turrican 2 - Factory Remix
Arranged by: X-Poole
Original by: Chris Hülsbeck
Release Date: 04/06/2008
All-Time Rank: 694.
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Listeners' Rating
70% (14 votes)
Very Good! 
4 Dr Future shouts: Nice job. Could've been a little bit more "aggressive", to capture the essence of the original. In parts to much reverb for my taste...     ::     4 Jim Power shouts: Somewhat minimalistic, but nevertheless interesting take on the factory music from "Turrican 2".     ::     4 Amok shouts: Like Dr Future said. Especially the bass should be more agressive...     ::     4 prowler shouts: This is defenetly better than the great bath mix (the first 10s in the intro is very promising), but the instruments sounds a bit poor. And also what above said.     ::     6 Skowron78 shouts: One of my favourites! Great Remix!     ::     4 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Also agree with Dr Fututre but anyway nice Version.:-)