Xenon - Sector One
Arranged by: Carsten 'Mr.Soundwave' Herbst
Original by: David Whittaker
Release Date: 29/06/2009
All-Time Rank: 1089.
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Listeners' Rating
57% (14 votes)
3 daXX shouts: There some good ideas inside this Remix. But I miss the dynamics and better sounding as General-Midi.     ::     3 Dr Future shouts: Like daXX said: Sounds like GM from the early 90's. Better sounds, some eq'ing and it'll go up.     ::     3 Nebdar shouts: It reminds me the UFO soundtrack... Repetetive but lesser quality, and the simplicity is to simple     ::     5 Ben-J shouts: Good work     ::     4 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Good one.:-)