Amberstar Title Theme
Arranged by: Zzr
Original by: Jochen Hippel
Release Date: 07/09/2009
All-Time Rank: 732.
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Listeners' Rating
69% (18 votes)
Very Good! 
4 Dr Future shouts: Smooth remix, very relaxing. Some interesting changes here and there and it could've been quite better. Nice guitars.     ::     4 floaf shouts: Quite nice but still a bit is remaining to perfection. It's hard not to compare it to the version on Immortal 3.     ::     4 Peter W shouts: It sets a great mood, if it would offer a bit more it would definatly be a orange smiley :) good job!     ::     4 prowler shouts: The soundscape sounds rather "flat"... But I like the atmosphere, somehow it reminds me of Jan Hammers stuff for Miami Vice.     ::     4 _steve_ shouts: Love the guitar in this, especially towards the latter half of the song     ::     4 petterson shouts: Nicely done, though some parts are a bit too monotonous. More Guitars would have made me increase the rating by one level ;)     ::     5 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Not perfekt but I love it. Thx.:-)