Xenon (Sector One)
Arranged by: Monty
Original by: David Whittaker
Release Date: 30/10/2009
All-Time Rank: 559.
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Listeners' Rating
74% (14 votes)
Very Good! 
5 Dr Future shouts: Ok, Bass and drums won't win any innovation-prize, but the tune is quite catchy. Finally a Xenon 1 remix. L done.     ::     4 Ziphoid shouts: Arrangementwise pretty ok, but there could be more done with the bass and drums, which imho pulls down the overall appeal of the track.     ::     4 prowler shouts: Awwww, this could have been much better. The end result sounds a bit tame in my ears, even if I guess the minimalistic approach was the purpose.     ::     6 Dazel shouts: Whatever! It's damn good to listen to!     ::     5 Duncan Demerodt shouts: That rocks! Thx.:-)