Turrican 2 (The Explorer)
Arranged by: Char7ie
Original by: Chris Hülsbeck
Release Date: 10/05/2010
All-Time Rank: 20.
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Listeners' Rating
94% (59 votes)
Dr Future shouts: Simply lovin' it! Great stuff, Cha7ie. I've admired your work on youtube for some time, finally it's here! Keep it up!     ::      Amok shouts: That is DaShit!!! :D Awesome guitar work here...     ::      SunSpire shouts: This is spot-on, flawless work which stands out from the crowd of Turrican remixes, well done!     ::      Duncan Demerodt shouts: Simply a w e s o m e!     ::      Mikrucio shouts: TOP SOUND QUALITY! Mega bucks recording rig.... Average music.     ::      Pnt shouts: Good instruments     ::      Ryrynz shouts: More Turrican music PLEASE!!!     ::      Cube shouts: Just great... Excellent lead guitar for me!     ::      _steve_ shouts: Lovely remake that stands out from the plethora of other Turrican mixes! Hope that you will cover some more tunes from this game.     ::      zzr shouts: I am stunned. Damn well done. You mastered it     ::      Pedro-Ariz shouts: It sounds really nice, despite not being my fav mood sounds     ::      Krede shouts: Love it!     ::      Mordi shouts: Very nice     ::      Apache shouts: Absolutely great!!!! Great guitar and relaxing to listen..... Turrican-melodies are both nasty and nice at the same time... Great tune! Thanks.....     ::      RealNC shouts: Way to go. We need more non-electronic stuff!     ::      fl_cody shouts: Superb!     ::      Nebdar shouts: Good but still missiing something that wouldn't make me sleepy     ::      Jim Power shouts: Stunning... Simply stunning...     ::      Artiii shouts: Jus AMAZING!!!     ::      TNT shouts: Epic     ::      AleXAndroID shouts: No more old sounds please... Is this a guitar hero tournament?     ::      Miodek shouts: Live act.. Classic and nostalgia     ::      john4p shouts: As if this track was made for electric guitar.     ::      Miroku79 shouts: Good tune!     ::      difquin shouts: Somehow I feel this is what Hülsbeck was hearing in his head, when composing the track. Good work.     ::      Cifu1978 shouts: Kudos for the execution - but the remix itself got too far from the original and lost all the appetite in the progress.