Test Drive 2 - Relax & Clip Your Belt
Arranged by: gibs
Original by: Kris Hatlelid
Release Date: 10/05/2010
All-Time Rank: 42.
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Listeners' Rating
91% (37 votes)
Dr Future shouts: Yes, it's my cup of tea. Well performed laid-back rock-track by Michael Gibs. Hats off to you!     ::      gary shouts: Good remix but I think your talent is wasted on remixing this tune.     ::      cybfree shouts: Rahhh lovely! Gibs, you're a god (more remix)     ::      Trackah123 shouts: Great Music, I regonized the racing sound at the beginning of this song, its from Getaway in Stockholm 2..     ::      BlackRose shouts: Woah!!! I think I'm gonna just quote cybfree ;) And yeah, more, more remixes!!!     ::      Satanarchist shouts: Excellent guitar work and a great remix, but its too quiet, has no bass and is lacking in the production area - it needs more OOMPH!     ::      koroner shouts: I dont like the tune, but love remix by Gibs, superb!     ::      Viceman shouts: Not my style.     ::      Apache shouts: WWoooa.. LEGENDARY!!!!!!! ... I love it..... I remembered it right away. 10 points and stick of exellence.....!!!     ::      superturbo shouts: It could use a somewhat "heavier" bassline. It's a bit too "squeaky" for me at the moment.     ::      Nebdar shouts: Flawless guitar still it lack of something     ::      Duncan Demerodt shouts: That simply rocks. Great done. Thx.:-)     ::      AMIGrAve shouts: Pretty cool! I'd like to hear a group live playing your version!     ::      Ryrynz shouts: Beautiful.     ::      rnuls shouts: Chouette morceau