Classic Tunes - On The Fonky Side
Arranged by: gibs
Original by: Pink (Manfred Linzner)
Release Date: 28/06/2010
All-Time Rank: 8.
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Listeners' Rating
96% (47 votes)
Dr Future shouts: Great work, Michael! I'm lovin' it! Everything is in the right place.     ::      Jim Power shouts: Some funky stuff here - like it a lot!     ::      Ziphoid shouts: Really nice.:)     ::      Duncan Demerodt shouts: Again outstanding! Very good done!:-)     ::      BlackRose shouts: Absolutely great! You definitely rock, Mr. Gibs!;)     ::      Likman shouts: Good job my friend. You're the MAN!     ::      Amok shouts: Great work, man :D     ::      Dixie shouts: Very impressive Gibs! I'm jealous     ::      005agima shouts: Good choice to remix that one! Good job!     ::      MaximumRD shouts: Great sounding mix! A pleasure to listen too!     ::      cybfree shouts: Another great work! Thanx     ::      Mordi shouts: Gotta love those waka-waka chords!     ::      _steve_ shouts: Fantastic cover of this song. I cannot fault it!     ::      Shark shouts: One of the best remixes I have heard to date got a feel of ashes to ashes the TV series, brilliant.     ::      the_gullwing shouts: Whoaa! Dude!!     ::      fl_cody shouts: Fall in love with it by hearing it several times :D     ::      Nebdar shouts: Hmm nice     ::      _id_ shouts: Bien bien pas mal....     ::      AleXAndroID shouts: No more guitars please.. 60 years listening this old acustic sounds... Its so bored     ::      neriakX shouts: Digging that guitar.. Awesome bro!     ::      Maxixhw shouts: Very nice     ::      Erekose shouts: Maybe one of the best mix in this site. Not the best song, but remix is great     ::      Ryrynz shouts: Pretty cool man.     ::      Rapture shouts: Nice :)     ::      GlenBenton shouts: Great remix!     ::      Amiga1200 shouts: Very good remix!