Jesus On E's (2010 Remix)
Arranged by: BuZZarD
Original by: Echo / LSD
Release Date: 12/09/2010
All-Time Rank: 944.
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Listeners' Rating
64% (16 votes)
4 Ziphoid shouts: Crazy stuff. Taking on a 44-min project can not be easy. It could use some overall mastering, though.     ::     4 SarahKreuz shouts: DAMN! 44 minutes! XD XD XD     ::     4 aero shouts: Wow 44 mins. The intro reminds me very much of tubular bells by mike oldfield btw. Was it intentional?     ::     6 james_mcl shouts: Rather surprised by the low marks - suspect most of the people here had already heard the original and thought the remix didn't have much to add. For me, who had never heard this before...     ::     5 Rapture shouts: Wow, what a megamix! This must have been released before the 20MB / 20 Minute size / runtime length restriction on AmigaRemix ;) Anyway, love the original mods from Echo and also this remake is very nice! Clean samples, and jup intro is Tubular Bells ;)