RSI Megademo - BA1
Arranged by: Mister Ghostie
Original by: Bit Arts
Release Date: 16/01/2011
All-Time Rank: 930.
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Listeners' Rating
63% (13 votes)
4 Dr Future shouts: A bit silent on the mix and mastering side. I love this track so much, and you did a good job to keep the feeling. But that's also because it just sounds exactly like the amiga original.     ::     5 Mr.E. shouts: One of my top favorites modules of course! :D very good job dude, just a bit overload with mid freq samples, but the feelings come true! Nice one! :) I will do a remix soon of this just amazing tune from bitarts! :D     ::     3 SarahKreuz shouts: Nice one. Since I`m no musician it`s hard to describe... But it needs some bass or at least drums that aren`t totally mixed in the background. Pumping up the volume doesn`t help at all to give this Track some balls.:/     ::     4 pj shouts: Bit messy but good.     ::     5 Cube shouts: I just love bit arts... This track recalled amiga memories! VG ;)     ::     4 Pellagra shouts: Brings a tear to my eye, keep up the good work     ::     2 Grant shouts: Sounds very vusy. Promishing start and then becomes disjointed.