Spiral Hands On Jochen Hippel - Chambers of Shaolin (Intro)
Arranged by: Spiral
Original by: Jochen Hippel
Release Date: 13/02/2011
All-Time Rank: 657.
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Listeners' Rating
71% (12 votes)
Very Good! 
Dr Future shouts: Very nice and "mostly harmless". Like it.     ::      Amok shouts: Quite nice. The drums don't convince me though.     ::      SarahKreuz shouts: Good one. Worth a download.     ::      monty shouts: Leads sound annoyingly inharmonic the first 2 mins. Gets better from then on.     ::      Wotnau shouts: The beginning may not be smashing but boy, what a finale! I've been wondering for ages what would happen if Spiral mixed a tune more in-da-face. Now I know! More stuff like the last three minutes. Much, much more. PLEASE!!!     ::      vurtx shouts: Very nice work - the drums do seem out of place though.     ::      Grant shouts: Bland and repettive. Finally siwtches up a little at 4:10