First Samurai (Extended Edit)
Arranged by: CZ Tunes
Original by: Michael Davis
Release Date: 21/08/2011
All-Time Rank: 512.
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Listeners' Rating
74% (20 votes)
Very Good! 
4 Amok shouts: The original drums do not fit here and they destroy most of the nice soundscape. Overall not too bad.     ::     5 Dr Future shouts: As Amok said. Otherwise very enjoyable soundtrack by CZ Tunes.     ::     6 Duncan Demerodt shouts: As for me, I like it very much. Again grat work. Thx!:-)     ::     4 pj shouts: Interesting, I like the original amiga samples.     ::     3 SarahKreuz shouts: All in all it`s okay. This Beat is too repetitive and cuts the charm of this Song to pieces.     ::     5 nummer2 shouts: The martial arts god did another great remix here ;)     ::     6 RemixFan shouts: Nice Work!     ::     5 Chainsaw shouts: Yeah, the drums are a little bit to loud and strong but anyway very good soundtrack.     ::     5 Aule shouts: A good remix, but maybe too much samples and effects at the beginning. The original parts in the song are super.     ::     3 TheMessenger shouts: Average tune! The samples mostly sound of place...     ::     4 migu shouts: The sword sample (or what is it) gets annoying really fast and the druns are not the best either.