Amberstar (Title Remix)
Arranged by: CZ Tunes
Original by: Jochen Hippel
Release Date: 26/04/2012
All-Time Rank: 144.
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Listeners' Rating
86% (28 votes)
Raptorflight shouts: Sweet and excellent =)     ::      Duncan Demerodt shouts: Wonderfull done. Thx very much!     ::      lomaxx shouts: Well done... Except... And I'm sorry to have pick on that... Except of the repeating fairly high played piano-notes (starting at 1:00) being played wrong. I'm so much used to the original version, that this hurts my ears. ;) Still a nice remix.     ::      Rorian shouts: Love that! Awesome job, man! Even if those 4 wrong notes there.. Cheers!! Oh, I love amber remixes. Greetings!     ::      SarahKreuz shouts: Good track - staying very close to the original     ::      zzr shouts: There we go woth another sweet remix from CZ. Highquality, yet sounding so close to the original, very tasty music     ::      sven_nilsson shouts: A bit hard on the ears - the synths could be smoother sounding - but it is a very good tune, especially the second half     ::      TheMessenger shouts: Wonderful rendition of a great title track...     ::      Ryrynz shouts: It's a keeper.,     ::      john4p shouts: Very good. Deserves an 85% rating so I'm giving a red one.