Jesus On E's - The Audio Remake
Arranged by: Echo
Original by: Echo / LSD
Release Date: 07/11/2013
All-Time Rank: 97.
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Listeners' Rating
88% (15 votes)
Ryrynz shouts: Never heard the original but I can tell an expertly crafted track when I hear one. Such a beautiful throwback to the demo scene, a higher bitrate would be nice.     ::      McBain shouts: Lovely to hear this! I was always a fan of the original demo.     ::      Ziphoid shouts: It's a task of extreme magnitude to remake this epic track, but Echo shows that he still remembers his own track and he truly delivers. Massive!     ::      Timeagent shouts: A half hour of awesomeness     ::      Rapture shouts: Tubular Bells start! Love the Jesus on E's mod series in the 90s already, great!:)     ::      MatrixRevolution shouts: Tubular Bells!! I love it!     ::      Nightshft shouts: The original demo is very nice. Recreating and releasing this is quite some work and awesome!