JimPower - Theme + Level 1 - ToxicRmx
Arranged by: Zzr
Original by: Chris Hülsbeck
Release Date: 07/01/2006
All-Time Rank: 768.
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Listeners' Rating
68% (13 votes)
5 skyrunner shouts: Weird but cool! Give it a try!     ::     6 deadly_cookie shouts: With all that stuff going on it manages to stay harmonic. Nice instruments, effects and drum beats. Technically very good... More please :)...     ::     6 awesome_a shouts: Very nice Remix. Good work. This song is not bad!!!     ::     4 prowler shouts: Nice wicked sound!     ::     4 dis_cord shouts: I like the idea and that dirty old drum loop. I just wish there was more stuff from the original tunes in there.     ::     6 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Agree with deadly and awesome. Well done!