Virocop: Funny Old Game
Arranged by: Allister Brimble
Original by: Lee Banyard
Release Date: 24/08/2015
All-Time Rank: 28.
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Listeners' Rating
93% (34 votes)
Dr Future shouts: Massive, spot-on production, technically "red".     ::      Marcus shouts: Absolutly stunning! This one is really good!     ::      Matt Smith shouts: A terrifically zappy take on a cracking tune from Graftgold's (fantastically fab) final Amiga game. The nifty intro/outro bits add greatly to the atmosphere of the piece, and the whole thing brims with energy and fun. Aceness!     ::      Jojje70 shouts: Great!     ::      iXien shouts: What a game, what an atmosphere! Graftgold rulezzz!     ::      Rapture shouts: Splendid :)     ::      Ryrynz shouts: Allister remixes his own tune. Nice!