Gods (Into the Wonderful)
Arranged by: Mano
Original by: Nation 12
Release Date: 19/10/2015
All-Time Rank: 10.
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Listeners' Rating
95% (48 votes)
Mordi shouts: Excellent take on Gods!     ::      drm shouts: Nice!     ::      Trace shouts: Love it! And tracks like this I just feel like I want to do more on it :)     ::      Zyonee shouts: Instant goosebumps!     ::      Jimbob shouts: Wonderful!     ::      _steve_ shouts: Wow. Who would have thought you could do such a different style to that track!     ::      wavedancer shouts: Really excellent remix and great another interpretation of this track :D     ::      Rapture shouts: Just great! Even new chord progressions, fits like a glove!:)     ::      XxDUSTYxX shouts: (Into the) Wonderful!     ::      GlenBenton shouts: Sweet!     ::      Zlorfik500 shouts: Wonderful athmo!     ::      Tensai shouts: Again an outstanding atmospheric tune!     ::      onkelarie shouts: Absolutely gorgeous!     ::      Cifu1978 shouts: Very catchy tune, great job!     ::      Ryrynz shouts: I think it could be balanced a bit better so the voice stands out more. Also needs a longer version with a bit more of the original tune in it.