Turrican 2 - Freedom Rocks (Freedom vs. Desert Rocks)
Arranged by: Aknotronic
Original by: Chris Hülsbeck
Release Date: 27/03/2019
All-Time Rank: 438.
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Listeners' Rating
77% (18 votes)
Very Good! 
softwarefailure shouts: Nice!     ::      Ryrynz shouts: Nice. Dat panning.. My head at 1:50 *nod nod* My face at 2:17 :DDD At 2:44... WAT R U DOIN? I need a version 2. 0 with a change of instruments.     ::      ThaMossop shouts: Very nicely done     ::      beldin shouts: Falls apart at 2:44 and should have been released as two remixes in two different styles.     ::      pj shouts: Starts great, then the end-part gets that arabic tune...