Guitar Slinger Plus
Arranged by: Peter Clarke
Original by: Jogeir Liljedahl
Release Date: 17/05/2020
All-Time Rank: 39.
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Listeners' Rating
92% (36 votes)
Ziphoid shouts: Keeping the faith of the original while still enhancing it gracefully! There are some twists that probably could've been explored further, but overall it's beautifully done!     ::      Dr Future shouts: Yep, it's fantastic. I have to admit that to me Jogeirs original (from the CD) has more feelings, but technically Peter nailed it again.     ::      Tas shouts: That's prog rock at it's finest! Shit! .. That's good! Shit shit shit that's good. I'd pay good money for an album like this. SERIOUSLY!     ::      C64_Gamer shouts: Okay, you went to a guitar shop with a microphone & multitrack, took each guitar off the wall and recorded this. It could be true. Really creative additions but true to the original. Outstanding!     ::      Paulie68000 shouts: A sure to be future classic remix of a stunning original.     ::      Poppykuk shouts: This is very cool. Its a great new remix that doesn't lose the original.     ::      XxDUSTYxX shouts: I am deeply impressed by this remix! Hats off, Mr. Clarke!     ::      Viceman shouts: Meh     ::      MoonshineFox shouts: One of my all time favorites and you've done a great job re-creating and expanding it! The mix is a bit muddy in places, which docks my enjoyment a tad. Mixing is also a bit harsch in places on the distortion, otherwise: stellar work, mate!     ::      Ryrynz shouts: It's a bit all over the place tonally and mixing wise.. Still prefer the original. Solid effort.     ::      MagicMosher shouts: Sounds Amazing, you've taken the original and given it an extra big umff, big fan