242 (DeNitro Edit)
Arranged by: teo
Original by: Kari Kuusela (Papa Smurf)
Release Date: 11/09/2020
All-Time Rank: 211.
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Listeners' Rating
84% (14 votes)
Very Good! 
Aknotronic shouts: Not sure why I like this so much. Guess its the old school TB303 vibe that gets me all fired up :). Well done.     ::      JLD shouts: Totally agree with Aknotronic, just love the 303 :)     ::      prowler shouts: Thank you Teo for making a reach techno remix out of this cool soundtrack, just the way is should sound! The original is good at it is, but this remix gives that extra boost of energy. Love it - instant red smily!     ::      Viceman shouts: Hell yes!     ::      thomassd shouts: Ez kurva jo lett!