Fury of the Furries - Title theme
Arranged by: kjetiln
Original by: Frédéric Motte (Moby)
Release Date: 13/05/2021
All-Time Rank: 30.
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Listeners' Rating
92% (28 votes)
JLD shouts: Worthy winner in the Amiga category in the 20th anniversary compo! Super!!     ::      monty shouts: Great one! Voted it as outstanding in the compo and of course it's a RED one here too. Guessed this wrong though as I was pretty convinced it was a SHEN LON entry ;)     ::      Murdock shouts: Bright tune! A top Moby remix :) :) :) :)     ::      softwarefailure shouts: Perfect, just perfect! Let the retro vibes roll!