Hybris Imploded!
Arranged by: Jogeir
Original by: Paul van der Valk
Release Date: 13/05/2021
All-Time Rank: 23.
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Listeners' Rating
93% (32 votes)
Ziphoid shouts: I must say A-MA-ZING! The transition over from Hybris to Turbo Imploder 3 is just sooo clever and smooth! Love it!     ::      JLD shouts: Very nice production. I realy like it!     ::      Murdock shouts: Really Great tune! As said Zyphoid, the transition between is really something, but Imploder 3 theme could be a little as "bright" as the superb transition, in the beginning. You've done a great job, anyway :) and I love it!     ::      buzzingeekon shouts: Hey man, Ive been waiting 25 years for the second part of remix. Bravo!!!, Bravo!!! Bravo!!!     ::      neglesaks shouts: Nice, upbeat variation on the Hybris tune.     ::      softwarefailure shouts: Wow, what a fantastic achievement! Finally Turbo Imploder 3 gets the Amiga Remix treatment and in a marvellous way! A great tribute to Amiga legend Paul van der Valk who recently died. I'll never forget booting Imploder just for that great music. RIP Paul     ::      fluke73 shouts: Awesome!!! Love this vibe!