Jaguar XJ220 - Misty ride on the A23
Arranged by: Selecta Novel
Original by: Martin Iveson (Spaceman)
Release Date: 30/04/2003
All-Time Rank: 844.
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Listeners' Rating
67% (22 votes)
4 shanethewolf shouts: Good, but there were other tunes from the game I'd rather hear remixed.     ::     6 john_cope shouts: Very relaxing. Great music, clearly underestimated.     ::     4 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Nice one, I have still the game in front of my eyes with that music.     ::     6 Pedro-Ariz shouts: One of the greatest relaxing sounds that I've heard on the amiga remix site, great work ;)     ::     3 Grant shouts: Very simple, chill tune. Repetitive. Good for house party background music.