Back In Time Live - Germany theme compo


Finally, after listening over and over to the four entries we've come to a decision:

As you may know already, there are three 2nd places, good work guys. Every theme will be played at BIT Live Germany, but only one theme will become the official BIT Live Germany theme and thus get some kind of special attention! So I guess it's time to reveal the results...

Ladys and gentlemen, the winner of the theme-competiton is...Mr. 2Klang! Congratulations!

Or, to say it more suitable: Cheers! To your health! 😉

During the next week, we will present the three competitors as downloadable link, but 2Klang's masterpiece will be have its 1st play on June 21st at BIT Live Germany! Stay tuned & thanks again to all the brave competitors...


Details Of The Competition

Germany is set to stage it's very own Back In time Live event courtesy of Dr. Future. The event is to be staged at Shooters in Wedel/Hamburg on 21st june 2003.

The Official Back in time live germany website (includes registration)

The compo is to design a theme tune for the event. The winner will have his tune played at the event and made the official theme of Bitlive Germany.

The winner will also get FREE drinks all night if he/she goes to the event.


  • Minumum length of theme is 3 mins
  • The theme does not have to be a remix
  • Deadline: 1st april 2003

please e-mail your entry to remix64 before the deadline. If theme is too big for permitted e-mail size limits please contact remix64 for other alternatives.

Former Competitions

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Only 4 entires in the 80's compo section, yet it was a tough job to judge.

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The Great CD Giveaway Competition
The great CD Giveaway Competition
Remix 3 sids into 1. Now the question lies how do you perceive
that. Well there are no right or wrong way to do this. You could make 3 tracks and blend them into each other or you could say take the drums of one, the baseline of another and the melody of another and wham you got the remixes in one.

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