An Interview with ifadeo, formerly known as 2Klang

by Volker Buckow

ifadeo is one of the more recent kool kats on the scene, and has quickly developed a style and following of his own: also, he was the winner of the BIT Live Germany theme contest. All hail!

Real name: Michael Leier
Handle: ifadeo
Born: 1971
Nationality: German

What equipment do you use?

ESI Waveterminal 192M, Creativelabs Audigy, some Korg, Casio and Yamaha Synths (DX7 IId, Poly 800, CS1x ect.), Fender Rhodes MK II, two Ibanez E-guitars (Les Paul & Flying Vee), Sunn E-Bass, a Acoustic guitar, some multi-fx from Korg, Yamaha, Zoom, Ross 12x2 Mixer and a lot of Plugins (mostly freeware)

What SIDs are amongst your favourites?

R1D1, Shades, Panther, Max Headroom, Thrust, Trap, Ocean Loader 2, Delta and Arkanoid....well, there will be a few more but......

Who were your favourite c64 composers?

David Whittaker, Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway and Ben Daglish...

What other arrangers do you like?

Maindrian, Tom Detert, Markus Schneider, DHS, Dr. Future, Sonic Wanderer, Feekzoid, Lman, Infamous, Putzi, Wobbler to count a few…

What’s your inspiration? Which composer/arranger (not necessarily remixer) has influenced your musically taste?

Martin L.Gore, Fad Gadget, Kraftwerk, Ramones, Beatles, Human League, Joy Division (now New Order), Grauzone, O.M.D., X-mal Deutschland, D.A.F., Fehlfarben, David Bowie, Bauhaus, Front 242, Ultravox and many, many more....

What’s the reason you slipped into the c64 remix-scene?

I just wanna hear a remix of R1D1..... ;-)

What are your favourite remixes done by other arrangers?

Max Headroom by DHS, Shadow Skimmer by Markus Schneider, Giana Sisters by Dr.Future, Sigma 7 & Shades by Tom Detert.

What piece of equipment that you do not already own is on your most wanted list?

Never ask this a musican..... ;-)

Who do you think gives the scene the biggest boost, and why?

Chris Abbott, Markus & Neil from Remix64, Jan from R:K:O:

Are you planning any remixes for other systems, i. e. for

Well, Dr.Future and I currently talking ‘bout a Karsten Obarski Song.

In your opinion, what are your do’s and don’ts when remixing?

Do’s: remix only a track if you really like the orginal & be unique...

You’ve done all of your last remixes in a very special – hmmm – 2klang style, each song different, but unmistakable 2klang? What’s about trying out some other styles?

Thanks, that’s exactly what I want... maybe I’m soon forced to bury 2Klang, you know the reasons, then I will reactivate my old Project ‘ifadeo’.....

Do you think that the commercial part of the scene could destroy what it’s fundamentally about, or can you see it only improving the community as a whole?

If it makes such things happend like the ‘Bitlive’ Series it’s okay....;-)

What are your fondest memories of the c64?

Woooshh...Back in 1983/84 where my whole familiy sitting in front of a c64’er and playing games like Archon, Declathon, Summer Games etc.

Listen to the first Music Demos and trying to hack the code for Soundmonitor into my C64 (The code was printed in the German C64’er Magazin)...

Sadly I had to sell my C64 in Winter 1987/88 to get my first Amiga...

When comparing music in todays games compared to the music which was being composed on the c64, what differences do you notice? And do you like this evolution?

I don’t care ‘bout todays game music (I prefer making music, instead of playing Games).

What do you look at in a SID when remixing it?

It must have that ‘Special Thing’, like Loopz, Slaine, R1D1 ect.

Since you arrived on the scene, what would be the biggest highlight for you?

The nice feedback I’ve got from ‘Fans’, some cool reviews and BIT Live Germany, where I meet alot of very nice people....

You’ve won the official BIT Live Germany Hymn. What’s your opinion about such competitions?

It’s a good Idea, but against only four other entries..... it’s a shame... ;-(
Btw. I never got a lot feedback for that Song...

What do you think about BIT Live Germany? Was it a success? Is there the need for another event held in Germany?

Yes, it was a success and I think that Volker Buckow aka Dr.Future has done a real great job, in my eyes there is a need for another BIT Live event in Germany.

Is remixing your only musical output or are you doing some own material also? If so, where can we get it?

No, I have done a lot own Songs for my different Bands I had over the years, like AM, Wintermute, KrimsKrams, ifadeo...

Your final words to the scene?

Respect yourself...

ifadeo is one of the remixers with a very high output, so nearly every month you got surprised by that special ifadeoish sound. He’s also a very frequent poster in the forums and helps the scene move forward… (Dr.F)

- Dr.Future

Interview date: 03.11.2003