An Interview with Machinae Supremacy

by Neil Carr

Machinae Supremacy broke into the scene with the superbly reworked rock version of Gianna Sisters, which instantly took pride of place at the top of the Remix64 charts and still there to this very day. They also won Remix Of The year at Remix64 which was voted for by our visitors, and there's more to come.

Real name: Robert Stjärnström
Handle: Starbob
Born: 1978
Nationality: Swedish

I suppose the first question I have to ask, is why did you create the remix of Great Giana Sisters?

It was the best song ever made. We felt we could improve it. ;\]

Machinae Supremacy
And do you think you did improve it?

Hehe, seriously? No. :\] But at least we gave it our own touch and finish. :\]
Glad Hülsbeck liked it, that was cool.

Well here at Remix64 it won both Remix of the Year and Most Innovative Remix of the Year. This for a first ever remix is unbelievable, what are you impression of this?

Well, maybe because it really isn't just a remix, it's a remake. We didn't just add some beat and enhanced samples, we actually did it all over from scratch, with an entirely different line-up. I think that remix-listeners are not used to that and maybe that's why they appreciated it so much.

Do you think that with a band performing the remix that it helped?

Ok, well... probably. that too is out of the ordinary, I guess.

Machinae Supremacy also came runners up in the Remixer of the Year also at Remix64, what are your reactions to this?

Well, I doubt we deserve it, but we are of course honored. :\]
Felt kind of strange, after doing one single song, and the guy who came in first had done what? Seven? :\]

Machinae Supremacy live on stage
Giania Sisters still sits pretty at the top of the charts at Remix64, how do you feel about this?

Unbelievable... :\] We must have done something right. Makes you kind of wonder if you could ever do it again... ;\]
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And will you do it again?

I dunno, what have you heard? ;\]

I've heard that something is planned for BiTLive, is that true?

Let's just say that those who come will see something others won't :\]

So there is something planned, but your not going to reveal it?


Any slight hints?

Sorry ... then I'd have to kill you.

You have been invited to play at BiTLive with this secret something, and you have accepted, what are your thoughts on this?

Well, our first thought was WTF... hehe, we were surprised, for sure. But I think it'll be really cool... we plan to make the most of it.

Can we expect to hear Giania Sisters played live?

Definitely :\]

So tell me, how did you come about the idea of remixing ginia Sisters?

Well, we used a SIDStation and made game-style rockmusic before we got that idea. I used to listen to remixes, and one of my favourites was Instant Remedy's Giana remix... and then some dude looked us up (Puffy64) and prompted that we should do a remix of something, how cool it would be, etc... and after some thought, we realised it was a good idea. :\]

Giana Sisters, being what it is, seemed the perfect choice.

Puffy64 has done some excellent remixes using rock guitar, was this an inspriation to you?

No. But we like him anyway. Actually, it took a long while before we heard any of his stuff. He was quite modest. :\]

So Instant Remedy was more of an inspration?


Are you guys fans of c64 music, or did you just happen to stumble across it?

Well, of course. and all sorts of old-school game music. there were no rules then, and we try to mimic that. :\]

What composers would you say were your favourites?

In the c64-scene, I think Hubbard has made the best ones. Hülsbeck hasn't actually done as many that I like, but the ones he did right, he did right. I could name lots of individual names who I feel have done something like one or two really really great songs, but I won't :\]

Any particular sids that have took your liking?

Yeah, of course: Commando, R-Type, Supremacy (!!!), Rocky Star, Turrican, Giana Sisters, Outrun, Monty on the Run, International Karate, Last Ninja 2, Cybernoid 2, to name a few :\]

The secret something could be in there couldn't it?

Well ... you are free to make your own confusions ... :\]

He he, how ever hard i try, I'm not gonna get it out of you, am I ? ;)

No, but I'll see you at BiTLive, right?

So tell me about the band itself, who plays what and does what?

I play guitar and sing. Jonne plays only guitar, but lots of it ;\] Then there's Kahl on bass, Gordon on synths (!!!) and Tomas, our new drummer...

So apart from c64 remixing or remaking, what do you do?

We're all students, more or less, some also work, some(one) does nothing. We just go on about our lives as anyone else here in Luleå, (Sweden). We play GameCube, Amiga and drink beer and fiddle with our belly buttons... You know, just like you do. :\]

Machinae Supremacy at Facefront
I don't do anything like that.... Ok maybe I do, but don't think I'm telling everyone that. Oooops, ok musically what type of music do you play? Rock?

You're no oracle, are you? :\] Yeah, we play rock music. You might want to check out our homepage one of these days, listen to some other songs. :\] We also do other stuff, when we feel like it, like game music, movie music and just mess around, like with our metal hardcore side-project FLAK. :\]

We've been working with some very talented guys from cz for a while, making game music for their jets'n'guns ... really cool, you should check it out.

Also, if the project becomes reality, we'll also do the music for a swedish zombie movie, about 1 million sek budget recorded here in north of sweden this summer or the next.

Any Links?

And whats this side project FLAK?

Wel, we try to keep our politics away from Machinae, you know. Make it a bit neutral, even though our opinions often make it into the songs. We save our anger towards the world for FLAK, where we can express it freely... :\]

Confused me here... I still don't get what the world of FLAK is?

FLAK is... aggression and pain! :\] It's a band, but it's nothing serious, just a means of expression.

So what are your aspirations musically?

We don't want to rule the world, we just want to own it. ;\]
Seriously though, we don't want to be one of those close but forgotten ones, one hit wonders or so. We want to make a Duke Nukem theme, like Megadeth, or make really cool movie soundtracks, and we want to go out into the world and play Rock'n'Roll! :\]

Also, we want to do collaborations with cool artists ... that's cool.

With the game projects and the Zombie movie, You are heading that direction, do you agree?

Yes, I hope it doesn't end there.

Ok, lets wrap this up, what are your final coments to the scene?

Keep the underground alive. Peace.

Oh... and can I pry anything out of you about the secret thing at BiTLive?

Nice wrap-up... :\]

Well I tried, guess you'll just have to go to BiTLive to witness Machinae Supremacy play live.

- Neil

Interview date: 12.05.2002