What's New at Remix64?


There have been several subtle and not-so-subtle changes made at the Remix64 site in recent weeks - check out some of the new, fun features we have now!

Submitted by LaLa

Remix64 Volume 2 - Into Eternity coming to RKO


In 2003 Remix64's second album Into Eternity was published. Today, I'm pleased to announce it will be available to all as singles. From today and periodically over the next few week we'll be publishing a remix from the album on RKO as a thank you for being with us all these years and also is a way to give back to those whom have given to us  joy with their fantastic remixes. Thank you all. 


The first track from the album will be Jan Morgensten's majestic lion king-esque Armageddon Man - African Dream. Go ahead it's yours to listen to for FREE. 


To keep up to date on further releases from the album be sure to check our Facebook page where we'll announce them as they arrive on RKO.

Submitted by Tas

SLAY Radio's Árok Tribute Remix Compo Results Announced (spoilers inside)


Earlier today the results have been announced for SLAY Radio's Árok Tribute Remix Compo. And the winner is...

Submitted by LaLa

Remix News, August 2020


Remix news for August 2020 - and this one is a doozy thanks to all the Árok Tribute remix compo entries released on RKO! Courtesy of Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio.



Submitted by LaLa

ÁROK/SLAY Radio remix compo


REMIX COMPO - Árok party is an annual 8-bit demoscene event in Hungary, which, due to the unfortunate COVID situation won't happen this year.
Árok is (in)famous for its friendly atmosphere and its REMIX COMPETITION - no other 8-bit demoscene event had ever such a compo!
We miss the event so much that we want to honor it with organizing an online version of the unique challenge.

Submitted by slaygon

Remembered & Remastered Volume 2: Richard Josepth


Prior to writing music for the games industry Richard was an active musician/singer. He joined the the prog rock group CMU on their second album before joining Jazz funk band Shakatak. He also released a solo single for EMI. It wasn't til 1986 when he replied to an advert from Palace Software seeking a musician for their games in the now defunct Melody Maker


I’d just spent a year composing about 100 tunes on a Yamaha CX5 music computer (including the ‘famous’ Robocod one), and had tinkered with a Spectrum so it wasn’t that hard to convince Palace. - Richard Joseph


Sadly Richard passed away in March 2007 and through the eyes of the remixer we remember him and his work on both the C64 and the Amiga home computers.

Submitted by Tas

Remix News, July 2020


Here are the latest remix news for July 2020, courtesy of Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio.



Submitted by LaLa

Mordi: Remixes Volume 1


Mordi has just released a new album: Remixes Volume 1, a collection of 11 remixes that were previously published on RKO, AmigaRemix and OCRemix.

Submitted by LaLa

Album Releases in 2020 So Far


There have been a slew of remix and scene album releases in the first half of 2020, so let's catch you up on what's new!

Submitted by LaLa

Remix64 Welcomes it's newest member to the team.


Please Welcome Imre Olajos, jr. Better known as LaLa to the team at remix64. LaLa has been a great supporter and contributer to remix64 and to the scene as a whole. It was a no brainer to ask him to join the team. I'm delighted that he agreed and i'm pleased to be the first to say... Welcome to remix64 LaLa

Submitted by Tas