8-Bit Symphony Pro Launched...

8 Bit Symphony Pro

The 83-piece Czech Studio Orchestra plays SID!


8-Bit Symphony Pro has been released digitally....  and Lee Tyrrell from The Sound Test podcast has already done a review!


Kickstarter backers received emails this morning, but non-Kickstarter backers can get it from C64Audio.com


CD will be produced and shipped once COVID-19 circumstances permit... 


Track listing:

Disk 1

01. Firelord

02. Forbidden Forest and Beyond

03. Kentilla

04. Spellbound

05. Knight Tyme (ZX Spectrum exclusive)

06. Ghosts 'n' Goblins (C64 tune, not arcade tune)

07. Imagine Ocean (Comic Bakery, Ocean Loader, Rambo)

08. Green Beret (loader and title)

09. William Wobbler

10. Stifflip and Co.


Disk 2

01. Aztec Challenge

02. International Karate Suite

03. Last Ninja® Wastelands

04. WAR

05. Flash Gordon

06. Trap

07. Zoids

08. Barbarillax (Barbarian 2/Parallax High Score)

09. Monty on the Run

10. Monty's Journey (Monty on the Run High Score/Commando High Score)