8-Bit Symphony Pro: Second Half - Kickstarter Under Way

8BSP 2nd Half Thumb

Following in the footsteps of the successful first Kickstarter campaign last year which saw the recording of several favorites like International Karate, Last Ninja - Wastelands, Monty On The Run, Firelord, Forbidden Forest and many others with the Hollywood-grade Czech Studio Orchestra, the new campaign promises much of the same live symphonic treatment with game tunes like Nemesis the Warlock, Ark Pandora, Times of Lore, Master of Magic, Wizardry and several others. You still have about 14 days to become a backer if you haven't supported Chris Abbott's latest project, yet. Head over to the link below, check it out, and contribute if you can spare a few pennies for it:




In case you missed the First Half of the project, you can find out more about that one at: