AROK 2010 SID Remix compo

Necropolo Arok 2010 Sid Remix Compo Demo, GFX and music competitions traditionally belong to 8-bit parties, and AROK party #12 is no exception. Usually, remixes are out of the game but for a while there is a C64  based (!) MP3 player, so the competition is extended for SID remixes, too!

If you wish to participate, spin up your music engines and send your remix to:


Valid entry audio format: MP3 128KBPs, non-VBR

Deadline: 15th of July, 12:00 AM

Demos, C64 GFX and SID music files are also welcome. The party will be held on 16th, 17th and 18th of July at Ajkarendek, near from lake Balaton. For further info, please check the AROK #12 Party homapage.

If you have any questions, check the Remix64 forum thread.

Last but not least, there also will be a SIDremix scene related event on the second day: a live gig by SID tribute band SIDrip Alliance.

Submitted by NecroPolo