Celebrating 25 Years of HVSC!


On July 12, 2021 Update #75 was released by the HVSC Crew, marking exactly 25 years since HVSC was first released.

It's impossible to say where the Commodore 64 music scene would be without the High Voltage SID Collection. It is so ingrained into everything related to the scene, it has become such a de facto collection that everybody who does anything related to the dear old SID chip (whether music players, emulators, trackers, or even this very website), sooner or later they all reach back and reference the HVSC in some shape or form.

The HVSC is not simply a seemingly bottomless source of SID tunes - it is a painstakingly accurate historical archive that has been continuously refined over the decades. It's a collection that not only preserves the past, but one that still keeps growing thanks to the vibrant scene around the Commodore-64 that continues to breath new life into that machine.

25 years is a long time, especially considering that the Commodore 64 itself has been in production for only 12 years. The HVSC has now over twice the lifetime of the machine (and its sound chip) that it honors, which is pretty mind-blowing when you think about it.

So, let's pause for a minute and celebrate this momentous occasion together with the HVSC Crew!


🎉🎈🎆🎇 Congratulations to HVSC on its 25th Anniversary! 🎇🎆🎈🎉


Keep going strong, and musicians: keep bringing us even better and better SID tunes!