C64Audio Remix Stems now on Soundcloud


Soundcloud will soon play host to a large number of individual tracks/stems taken from Chris Abbott's many CD remixes, ready for remixers to re-remix (including commercially or for RKO) or just to enjoy or play around with.

Submitted by Chris Abbott

Album Days and Dreams (original C64 SID sounds meet modern electronica and piano)


Album Days and Dreams is available for download on bandcamp. Here is what some of bandcamp members said about this album:


Martin Millar: An absolutely gorgeous album. From start to finish it has the perfect blend of old school C64 mixed with a more contemporary chilled sound and the SID is treated as an equal instrument and never feels like it has been just stuck on. Beautiful melodies throughout, this one is highly recommended for C64 & Amiga lovers as it is up there with the masters Rob Hubbard, Chris Huelsbeck and Tim Wright. Favorite track: Flying.


On this album is original Commodore 64 with MSSIAH used. Also SID Station from Elektron. Modern electronica is represented by DIVA and Zebra from U-HE. Piano and El Piano are from Korg SV1. Also iPad Animoog and crushed bit drums. For couple tracks is OTO Biscuit with great 8bit flute type sounds used. Some of nice sounding leads and square type sounds are from Waldorf Pulse real analog synthesizer.


As a composer Commodore 64 was the main reason to became composer when I was 15 years old. After 26 years for 30years Commodore Anniversary I released this album which is representing my music nostalgia for 80s and Commodore 64 times.


Hope you'll like it, Thanks!

Submitted by Pawelbmusic

New Back in Time Live - Sep 15th, Manchester


Back in Time Live is back in Manchester on September 15th, in co-operation with Retro Revival, SceneSat and the Superbyte 2013 Festival!

Great live music, Oscar awards for gaming and general SID awesomeness... and more! Even if you can't make it, the event will be live-streamed on SceneSat Radio.

Watch legends such as Jeroen Tel and 8-Bit Weapon do their 8-bit thing on stage!

Submitted by LMan

"Paula Agnus Denise" Amiga game music album released


Dutch record label 010101 Music has released a compilation album titled Paula Agnus Denise featuring music from Amiga games.

The album includes a total of 19 tracks which are either remastered, studio versions or remixes of Amiga game music, with five of the recordings being previously unreleased.

The new recordings include new remixes by Tim Wright (Shadow of the Beast 2 & 3) and Fabian Del Priore (Apidya) a new studio version of the Speedball 2 theme and an acoustic recording of the Agony theme.


Available on CD, download and streaming formats.

Submitted by Ronaldvd

Space Explorer Polaris - 6581 SID Reborn, produced by Pawel Osmolski

Space Explorer Polaris has finally launched into space, with the aim to push the sonic boundaries of traditional 6581 SID music.

This project is the solo effort of C64 SID remixer Pawel Osmolski, and after a month of preparation, the result is something fresh, hypnotic, yet blissfully nostalgic. Staying close to the melodic haunts of Rob Hubbard, Jeroen Tel, and likened to the softer side of famed electronic composer Richard D. James. Please prepare yourself for take off and enjoy your flight!

Track Listing:

01: Space Explorer Polaris
02: Moon Hopper
03: Northern Cross
04: Autopilot to Cassiopeia
05: Caph
06: Retro Space Dancer

Available on Bandcamp:

Space Explorer Polaris - C64 Tape Loader Music Video:

Submitted by devilhood

BSCNI & JNZ - STEP 2 TRAP EP produced by daXX.

You can now download the new EP produced by daXX.


The Project BSCNI & JNZ is a coperation between Rico Bernasconi & Lazy Jonez (daXX).

New fresh Trap Style & Dubstep Sounds combined with nice vocals from Richard Oliver & Charlee Bea.


Including Tracks:

01: Out of Space

02: Takira

03: White Lies


Prelisten to it:


Download it on itunes:


Submitted by deleted user

Remixer of the Year Awards 2012


The Remixer of the Year Awards 2012 awards show was aired by the SLAY Radio staff on SLAY Radio and SceneSat Radio, February 23rd 2013.

Mordi, was the big winner of 2012, who won the main price Remixer Of The Year for the 3rd time, and also scoring the top positions for Best c64 with "Tristesse" and Best Amiga Remix "The Great Bath of the Seven Seas".

The first award of the night went to Xerxes as best newcomer for his remix of RSI Megademo - Ba1..

Daxx and Allister Brimble unbelievably shared the crown for Best Veteran with 100 points each, with Peter W following at #2 VERY closely with a score of 99 points. This is double tragic since he missed the top position for best c64 remix by one point, too.

Mattias Bergsten (fnordpojk) was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his numerous contributions to the scene and his vital tech knowledge and support to the scene radio stations.


Submitted by Ziphoid

New article with many interviews!


An article about the C64 music scene by Steve Drysdale. Contains interviews with Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Reyn Ouwehand, Chris Abbott, Alistair 'Boz' Bowness, Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie.

Submitted by LMan

Podcast: Giana Sisters Tribute


Even little girls are getting old one day. Once upon a time, in 1987 to be precise, we played around with two cute girls on C64 and Amiga: The Great Giana Sisters. A great jump 'n run game in the style of Mario, featuring fantastic music by sound magician Chris Hülsbeck. Now, 25 years later, a new game with the twin girls has been released. After a successful Kickstarter campaign Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams was brought to life by Black Forest Games. With music by Chris Hülsbeck himself, Fabian del Priore and the metal guys from Machinae Supremacy plus awesome graphics where you can switch fluently between the beautiful landscapes and dark places this download title captured our hearts by storm.

Submitted by Bobic

Podcast: Tribute to Psygnosis, Part 2


Episode #158 - Tribute to Psygnosis, Part 2: Racing on top of the PSone

Hello and welcome to part 2 of our journey through the beautiful sound universe of Psygnosis games. We're moving on and crossing the timeline when the boys and girls from Liverpool switched from Amiga to console gaming, especially the PlayStation. For example, they created WipEout, the first new media sensation which made video games interesting to a broader audience.

Submitted by Bobic