Silo 64 Soundtrack Re-Leased!

Silo 64 CD/MP3 Soundtrack: 

This is the soundtrack to the post nuke C64 / 128 action game Silo 64. The songs form a mix of rock guitars, elektro beats, electric bass, analogue synths, c64 chip music make this soundtrack truly RAD! 

The album features a SID 8580 Version of fallout in the Wasteland by none other than Richard Bayliss of  The New Dimension! The soundtrack also features devastating 8 bit digitized drum loops with SID chip creator Bob Yannes' Ensoniq ES5503 chip! 

Submitted by 8BitWeapon

AROK 2010 SID Remix compo

18/06/2010Demo, GFX and music competitions traditionally belong to 8-bit parties, and AROK party #12 is no exception. Usually, remixes are out of the game but for a while there is a C64  based (!) MP3 player, so the competition is extended for SID remixes, too!

If you wish to participate, spin up your music engines and send your remix to:

Valid entry audio format: MP3 128KBPs, non-VBR

Deadline: 15th of July, 12:00 AM

Demos, C64 GFX and SID music files are also welcome. The party will be held on 16th, 17th and 18th of July at Ajkarendek, near from lake Balaton. For further info, please check the AROK #12 Party homapage.

If you have any questions, check the Remix64 forum thread.

Last but not least, there also will be a SIDremix scene related event on the second day: a live gig by SID tribute band SIDrip Alliance.
Submitted by NecroPolo

"RaKBIT", "R.E.T.R.O" and "RUN 10" reviewed

01/04/2010LaLa has reviewed Necropolo's RaKBIT album,'s R.E.T.R.O album, and RUN 10 by the C64 Orchestra.

Many thanks for those, LaLa!

Check them out!

Submitted by LMan

SID tracks DJ mix

Hello 6581ers...

I don't know if has any interest but I played around with flash and some sid tunes and ended up with a rather pleasant SidTape mix  and dated gfx effects.  you think someone could like it:
Submitted by Goonzy

New site structure

26/02/2010We're back! The Remix64 backend has been revamped to allow for multiple connections between your member account and your various remix projects. That means: you can manage the information for all your projects from your My Remix64 section, it also means that all members of a group can manage their song and band infos from their individual member accounts.

To establish connections to your remix projects, log in to My Remix64 and follow the instructions at the My Connections page.

The new structure is represented by new URLs. Here are a few examples:

The Act URL

It represents the name under which a person or a band has released remixes. It lists all the releases, and the members involved.


The Member URL
Here you'll find your new Remix64 member profile page. It now shows a list of all remix projects you have worked on, and a list of all your project's releases.

The Track URL
This is the good old remix info page.

The old URLs will still work and forward to the proper new location, so there's no immediate need to update your links.

We also have a revamped member directory.

Enjoy! 😊

- LMan
Submitted by LMan

ROTY Awards 2009 awarded

26/01/2010Last saturday was the big night of the Remixer Of The Year 2009 award show. Presented by the SceneSat Radio staff, it was being broadcast by SceneSat Radio, SLAY Radio, Radio6581, BitJam and Nectarine Demoscene Radio simultaneously. The hosts were joined by a live crowd consisting of many surprise guests, among them former years ROTY winners and other scene VIPs, pushing Ziphoid's apartment space to its limits! The most entertaining 4 hour show did not only trace the musical highlights of 2009 and present the winners: with the joint broadcast it also opened up perspectives between the remixing community and the demo scene, both which are cloesly related, but have often been ignorant of the other in the past.

The Results

Mordi won 2009's big price, being the new Remixer Of The Year. Firestorm massively scored #1 in the categories Most Innovative Mix and Best c64 Mix with his version of Commando, which was a surprise release in december. XxDUSTYxX won Best Amiga Mix, while daXX managed to place a whopping 9 of his remixes in that category. Reyn Ouwehand managed to win Best Veteran for the third time in a row, followed up by Hazel. The award for Best Newcomer went to Heartek. In a surprise coup, the Lifetime Achievement Award 2009 was awarded to yours truly, LMan.

Congratulations to all winners and follow-ups, everyone, you've deserved it. As always: the ROTY lists contain only winners.😃

Submitted by LMan

ROTY Awards 2009 to be broadcast on 5 stations


Your votes are in. The count is done. The 9th annual Remixer of the Year Awards show is a reality.

For the first time, it will be broadcast simultaneously on 5 scene radio stations namely SceneSat Radio, SLAY Radio, Radio6581, BitJam and Nectarine Demoscene Radio.

Do tune in on either of the stations January 23rd at 20:00 CET and enjoy this monster of a show...

Submitted by Ziphoid

Vote for ROTY 2009!

02/01/2010Yet another year of amazing c64 and Amiga remixes is drawing to a close, which means we'll soon be announcing the Remixer Of The Year 2009 Awards!

So ladies and gents, please begin voting! You don't have that much time to go to help decide the results, so get going now! 😊
Submitted by Ziphoid

New album R.E.T.R.O in February

01/01/2010The fourth album of electronic music duo will be an homage to the golden era of Commodore 64 music called R.E.T.R.O. The album will be released in Europe on dependent records on February 26, 2010, and contains covers of famous C64 tunes as well as new songs. A release date for North America will be announced shortly. We hope you will enjoy this journey into the past as much as we did working on it!

The tracklist of / R.E.T.R.O is:

01 - Last Ninja 3
02 - Lightforce
03 - The Last V8
04 - Supremacy
05 - Shades
06 - 8 Bits
07 - Mindkiller
08 - The Last Ninja
09 - I Love 64
10 - We Cannot Go Back To The Past
11 - Whatever Mattered

You can get a glimpse of the album by listening to the first two tracks on
Submitted by Stev

C64 / Atari Sid remix vol 2

28/12/2009Give a try to SID remixes Vol2.

5 tracks out of your memories especially remixed for you Atari / C64 lovers.

Consider those remixes as a Tribute to Rob Hubbard, one of the most famous guy of the 80's computer land.

Share this link with friends and discover or re-discover the fever of the magic of those good'ol computer musics.

Submitted by Moonove