Merregnon 2 Teaser Video

18/11/2002Producer Thomas Boecker has kindly given us a 1 minuite teaser video of Andy Brick conducting the Prague Symphony Orchestra. The music which is heard on the video is indeed a snipet from the forthcoming Merregnon 2 Soundtrack which is set for an early 2003 release.
Submitted by Tas

CD Journal back in action.

15/11/2002The journal on the CD pages at remix64 is now being updated again for those who have not noticed. It gives details and notes of the CD's progression and announces what/who fill feature on the CD.
Submitted by Tas

Kenz's Press Play on Tape Rehearsal Footage Now Online

08/11/2002The Mighty Kenz has put together a page which presents for the first time the awesome digital video footage of Press Play on Tape, Pascal Roggen and * Ben Daglish * in the relaxed rehearsal the day before the main event. WMV Videos are available of Krakout, Aztec Challenge, Auf Monty, Thrust and Monty on the Run. A bonus video of classic Mad Benn moments is also available!
Submitted by Chris Abbott kills old messageboards

08/11/2002... and creates a spanky new PHPBB one!

After liaising with the Remix64 team, we got the all clear for the new board: it's designed to complement the great R64 board, but to allow for more technical or critical discussion, and to provide another forum for announcements of MP3s, URLs, events and other stuff.

The forum is also the new home of Chris's diary, and Boz's fetid forum of fun (currently empty due to lack of fun!).
Submitted by Chris Abbott

Remix64 CD news

04/11/2002In another short review at Bjorn Lynnes shop the Remix64 CD gains further praise, with Roberto Carlos Fernandez Gerhardt (spain) praising both the service of the shop and the quality of the CD.

In other news regarding the CD, i've been compiling some information for an article by David Hemmingway for the Record Collector magazine. Details when the article appears in the magazine will be announced here.
Submitted by Tas

Competition Closed

03/11/2002The remix64 Competition is now closed. Voting will take place shortly.

I'm pleased to say that it's been the biggest turn out yet, and the standards are very very high.

What to look forward to?

Remixes by: Seth Sternberger, Jeroen Breebart, Ruiner, Lars Erhardt Christensen,Markus Holler, Markus Schneider, Eric, PPOT, Cirdan, Sidicium, Rafael Dyll, Michel Sirieix.

Good Luck to the entrees.
Submitted by Tas

Editorial For November

30/10/2002In this months editorial....

  • My return to remix64
  • Competition News
  • Radioshow News
  • Markus and Sunflower to wed.
  • Trace Celebrates 1 year Wedding Anniversary
Submitted by Tas

Instant Remedy CD review

28/10/2002Finally uploaded a review of the Instant Remedy CD. Due to reasons beyond my control i am unable to review the CD personally. This review however was written by Andrew Fisher.

Thanks Andrew
Submitted by Tas

Remix64 CD - more reviews

24/10/2002Added another section to the review department of remix64 CD review.

Starting with a submission by CC.

If you would like to send us a review of Remix64 CD and/or any other CD then please send it to Remix64, where we will be pleased to include it in our review pages.
Submitted by Tas

Petition & Compo Remider

24/10/2002Firstly, the organised petition held by remix64 has failed. The peition was formed in a bid to increase media awareness of the scene. However due to a small response (about 30, which is far too small a number to make a difference) I've decided to withdraw the petition.

on another note may i just remind those who are taking part in the competition at remix64 that it will close for submissions at midnight on the 31st of october.
Submitted by Tas